RN to BSN Programs in Connecticut

RN to BSN Program in Connecticut was conducted to meet the increasing shortage of nursing professionals in state. All the states of the nation are suffering from the same problem and different scholarships program are also launched for the ambitious students to advance in there career but still the problem remains the same. 35,300 registered are nurses are serving in a state of 3 million populations. The figures clearly show a low nurse to population ratio in Connecticut. Hope that this article can bring a change in this ratio. RN to BSN track is designed for registered nurses.

RN to BSN Program in Connecticut is a short training program through which a registered nurse can acquire BSN degree. A person holding a diploma in nursing or having an associate degree in nursing is called a registered nurse. A person with a BSN degree is also called a registered nurse. Then, what is the difference? The basic difference could be clearly understood after looking at the additional perks which a registered nurse with a BSN degree gets after completing this program. These perks include comparatively higher salary, respectable posts, abundant amount of employment sources and a chance to earn a higher degree (MSN degree).In addition to these an individual gains additional skills and advanced training for serving better.

If above perks have attracted you, and you are thinking to go for RN to BSN program in Connecticut, then here is a list of some approved schools of the state:

* Fairfield University School of Nursing

* Central Connecticut State University

* Saint Joseph College Division of Nursing

* Western Connecticut State University Department of Nursing

* Southern Connecticut State University

Before enrolling in any program one should always assure that it is confirmed by the State Board of Nursing. As some of the schools offer programs which are not approved by the state. As completing program from these schools will hold no value.

After completing the program one has to qualify NCLEX-PN (National Council of Licensure Examination) exam for achieving license to practice in any part of the state. This exam is regulated by National Council of State Board of Nursing. One has to fulfill all the requirements set by the state board before appearing in the exam.

RN to BSN Program in Connecticut can help in building a strong in Nursing. But if still there is something more you want to know then you can go through this website:

This site will fill every vacant corner of your mind and help you in enrolling in any RN to BSN Program in Connecticut.

RN to BSN programs are designed for RN. RN to BSN Program in Connecticut is a short training program through which a registered nurse can acquire BSN degree.

CNA Certification in Michigan – An Attractive Option for an Entry Level Nursing Job Position

Becoming a nurse assistant by earning a CNA Certification in Michigan is an attractive option to get employment in an entry level health care field position. Online nursing site contains certificate earning process information.

Online site informs that the eligibility to work in a variety of health care settings can be earned by completing a CNA Certification in Michigan and MI CNA Certification is essential to work in different types of health care settings. The required nursing skills and knowledge can be gained by completing CNA practice exam, CNA training program and competency evaluation program, important constituents for earning a certification.

It is informed by Nursing site that there are two steps that must be completed by a nurse assistant to earn an IL CNA Certification including:

  • MI Nurse Aide Training Program (NATP)
  • MI Competency Evaluation Test

The first and foremost step to earn a nurse assistant certification as informed by the site requires enrolling in an MI school or college for a CNA training program. The training makes a nurse aide competent in nursing and basic nursing care knowledge and skills. CNA training program must be approved by the MI State Department of Community Health and federal OBRA-87. The duration of the training program must be at least 75 hours, divided between theoretical classroom education/lab training of 59 hours and clinical hands-on experience of 16 hours.

Nursing site informs the training program course instructions includes communication skills, infection control, patients’ rights, emergency cares, basic nursing care procedures, personal care skills, restorative cares, mental health care procedures, safety procedures, nutrition and nursing ethics.

It is also informed that the successful completion of MI training program makes one eligible for the second most important phase of CNA Certification in Michigan. In this stage, you will be required to pass the state offered competency evaluation test, consisting of two independent parts, a Written/Oral Test and Skill Test. Both tests are based on the knowledge and skills instructed during training program.

The written test features theoretical multiple choice questions and skill test requires demonstration of 5 skills on a dummy or model, and passing both of the test components awards an MI nurse assistant certification. The success in the exam also lists you with the IL Nurse Aide Registry. You will also be granted a credential, “Certified Nurse Assistant” or CNA.

Certification Renewal

CNA Certification in Michigan remains valid for a period of 2 years and must be renewed before it gets expired. The renewal of certification requires meeting certain requirements specified by the MI Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Health Professions.

Therefore, if you are also aiming to earn a better salary, job stability and easy employment in the health care sector, you must earn a CNA Certification in Michigan. But, to become successful in this field you must also possess compassionate nature, excellent communication skills, amicable behavior, humble nature and capacity to form strong emotional bond with long term care patients. Such qualities possessed by you will go a long way in making you a successful health care worker.

CNA Exam Allows You to Work In A Health Care Facility

If your goal is to work in a health care field, you must complete the CNA Training Program and earn Nurse Aide Certification by passing the CNA Exam. The Competency Evaluation Test is managed and regulated by the State Board of Nursing, and administered at different locations, either directly by the Nursing Board, or its partnered test agencies such as Prometric, American Red Cross, Pearson Vue, Ivy Tech Community College and D & S Technology-Headmaster.

CNA Exam Features
CNA Exam is also known as the Competency Evaluation Test, CNA Licensing Test, Practice test for CNA, Nurse Aide Exam and Certification Test. The test features two separate components – the Written (or Oral) Test and the Clinical (or Skill) Test.

Written/Oral Test

The Written Test comprises of 70 multiple-choice CNA Exam Test Questions, bearing four choice answers for each test question. The candidates are asked to record the best answer in the Answer Record Sheet. The time limit to complete the test is 1.30 to 2 hours, and the candidates are informed fifteen (15) minutes before the expiry of the test time. The score of 70% & above passes the Written Test. The students are allowed to appear either in English or Spanish. Oral Test is conducted through a CD player. The test is offered in a group setting.

Skill Test

The Skill Test is offered in an individual setting, requiring individual performance of 5 skills that are selected from twenty five (25) clinical skills. The skills are demonstrated on a dummy in a given scenario. The time offered for the completion of the clinical test is 35 to 45 minutes.
The candidates are required to perform two (2) major skills of the Hand Washing and Safety Procedures, along with the demonstration of the additional skills, such as Count, Measure and Record Vital Signs, Measure and Record Fluid Intake & Output, Change of the Bed Linen, Donning and Removing of PPE (Gown and Gloves), Denture, Dressing and Undressing, Mouth and Perennial Care, and other skills.

The test administrator evaluates each demonstrated skill and the scoring is provided on the basis of each skill performance. The score of 70% & above passes the Skill Test.

CNA Exam result is announced on the same day and the official result is mailed to the mailing address of the candidates within 10-12 days after testing.

The successful candidates are awarded the CNA Certification and are registered with the state Nurse Aide Registry. The registration with the Registry also grants legal working permission to the certified nurse aide.

Perform CNA Job Description to Enjoy a Safe and Secured Nursing Career

Candidates interested in the profession of taking care of sick and suffering individuals can attain certain basic training in order to work as nursing assistants in hospitals and other such places. The certification and qualification are important as they teach an individual about the necessary procedures that are to be followed in order to become successful nursing assistants by performing all duties in an efficient and satisfactory way. The CNA job description basically involve taking care of the sick and the suffering individuals and providing them an opportunity to progress in their career by earning considerable amount of money as well as a lot of blessings.

The individuals who are interested in making their career in the field of medical science have an option of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant as a first step in their careers. The profession of a CNA is quite rewarding and demands a lot of focus and dedication. The students can achieve the CNA training and get good jobs with acceptable salaries and many other benefits after CNA practice test.

There are a lot of community centers and colleges that provide CNA training in topics of interest. Some other features of these institutes are as under:

  •  Live training sessions are provided to the candidates for getting familiar with current working scenarios
  • Instructors are skilled and trained in their profession
  • Working conditions are provided for checking the practical knowledge of candidates
  • Projects and presentations are allotted to the candidates

After completing training, the candidates can apply for the certification exam which is conducted in order to check the overall skills of the candidates in the field of nursing. Certification exam is conducted in 2 phases, a written test followed by a skill test. The candidates are expected to score at least 80% in order to become certified nursing professionals.

Major employers of these nursing professionals include hospitals, health care centers, and private clinics and so on. The duties that are to be performed by the candidates are mentioned below:

  • Providing help to the patients and doctors during routine activities and operations respectively
  • Giving first aid and other such facilities to the injured people
  • Maintaining hygienic environmental conditions for the patients
  • Recording vital signs like temperatures, blood pressure and pulse rates
  • Filling insurance forms
  • Answering telephone calls
  • Clearing anxieties of patients regarding their treatments procedures
  • Performing managerial works
  • Informing registered nurses and other senior doctors during emergencies

There are a lot of benefits of becoming a certified nursing assistant. Some such advantages are given below:

  • For only helping the sick and the suffering individuals, the candidates can earn up to some nice amounts of money
  • Moreover, the security and safety provided by the job is incomparable
  • Helping others is always peaceful and hence the candidates can gain a lot of blessings and good things to work with
  • The individuals can imagine good growth in the profession of nursing by dedication towards work

Therefore, the candidates must attain complete education and certification in order to perform their duties in the best possible ways and earn lots of valuable accomplishments.

Key Ingredients for CNA Exam

To be a nursing aide, you must pass the CNA Certification exam which is also known as National Nursing Aide Assessment Program or the nurse aide assessment examination. This exam is held by the state board of nursing. The candidate getting through this exam is tagged as Certified Nursing Assistant and is eligible for employment in nursing sector. CNA exam is structured in such a way that applicant applying for it is being evaluated on the basis of knowledge, skill and medical perfection; which are key ingredients for this field. The format of exam is consisted of two parts: oral or written examination and skill assessment. It is necessary to clear both the exam to get the certificate of nursing aide.

70 questions are commonly asked in the oral or written examination, but it may vary from state to state. In oral or written examination aspirant should define the given topics properly. The material must be described in such a way that firstly, it covers the whole topic accurately and secondly; it needs to be impressive so that the analyst will have no issue in giving maximum marks. It is noticeable that students appearing in written test essentially use medical words as much as possible in determining the matter and avoid using ordinary words.

In aptitude test it is compulsory that the contender must be alert enough because in skill test examinee is keenly watched by the examiner. The candidate should be calm and skillful in the skill test. Twenty to twenty five minutes is the time limit for the skill analysis. In the skill examination students have to perform certain operations with the medical equipments. Usually five skills are given to perform in the skill exam. The skills are randomly given to the candidates to perform and they have to perform each skill on the given time. The most common tasks that are given to perform to the applicants are measuring the blood pressure; pulses and the weight of the client etc. Aspirants are free to ask the questions related to the skill analysis from the examiner before the exam.

The marks needed to clear the exam depend upon the each state individually. If proper training is taken then it is easy to get through the CNA practice test. Results are not available right after the exam. The state board of nursing takes some time to declare the result. If student passes the exam then he/she is appropriate to be certified and listed on the nurse aide registry.